Who is Madison Bingham?

Who is this beautiful bombshell in the family?? Madison is fun-lovin' 14 year old SoCal girl. She loves Shawn Mendes more than life itself. To Madi music is everything. She says the world can't function without music!  She is a lover of anything light/blush pink. She is obsessed with Vampire Diaries! Her favorite meal of the day is breakfast! She is mostly an introvert who has one heck of a crazy side that comes out late at night with movies and cotton candy ice cream and sprinkles. (Branden can attest to that!) She hopes to one day go to BYU which we would love more than anything because she will be 20 minutes from us! She spends a lot of time with her two best friends talking and being the biggest fan girls, doing homework or eating. She will be a sophomore next year. Her birthday is September 30! So now that you know all of these random things about Madison you're probably wondering why she isn't with us all the time? She lives in California with her mom. Branden was previously married before we met and he brought her to our marriage! Mindy couldn't have been more thrilled!  She has lived in California most of her life! She and Mindy get along amazingly. They are silly singing crazy girls in the car and can talk girl talk all night.  Mindy and Madi's mom have an awesome relationship as well! We don't get to see Madi everyday but we do get to fly her up about every other month and see her for a week or so at a time! Look forward to more of Madi!


  • I’m just wondering if Madi has ever been in a commercial. There is a Hershey chocolate commercial and the girl’s name on there is Maddie. I’m just wondering if it was her. It really looks like her.

    Michelle Farrell
  • I feel like I relate to Madi a lot. Like personality style! We love you Madison! 😁

  • Love you guys so much

  • I love your guys vlogs so much. I can’t say what inspiration and happiness it gives me watching people just enjoy life. Your channel makes me want to push more toward my goals. Also more hapiness in my own life.

  • I love your vlogs


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