Spider Oreos

These little spider oreos were so fun to make! It is a fun one for kids to do, young or old! Brexsen had a great time helping me and loved eating them after too! ha ha Try them out for your halloween party or let the kids have a fun activity and let us know what you think!


Oreo sandwich cookies

Pretzel sticks

white candy coating

candy eyes


  1. Cut or break the pretzel sticks in half.
  2. Stick 4(half pretzel) pieces into the cream of the oreo on each side. Totaling 8!
  3. Melt white candy coating according to packing instructions. Using a toothpick dab some chocolate in between the legs on one side and stick on two candy eyes.
  4. Allow the chocolate to set so the eyes don't fall off and they are ready to enjoy!
**These can also be made with black licorice string for the legs. Happy Halloween everyone!

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  • thankyou mindy for posting this made it and it was super good


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