Potty Training Tips

So you've decided to potty train? Oh gosh I'm sorry! Lol! It's a tough job, but every parent has to do it right? This is no easy task, I would rather do a lot of things than potty train but it can be somewhat easy and fun! Here are a couple of things I've done that I feel like have made all the difference. I don't know everything, I admit but I will tell you what has worked for me in potty training my 3 boys and one girl!

1. It is important to start when THEY are ready. I know, we want to do it on our timeline but lets be honest kids need things to be THEIR idea. If you do it too early and they keep having accidents after accident or they are scared of the toilet this will only cause negative reactions. This can a traumatic experience for them if they aren't ready. Make it fun and they will see it as a positive experience and who knows you could both end up enjoying yourself!

2. Introduce the toilet to them a little while before you plan to go all in. It isn't a bad idea to put the little potty in the bathroom a few days before you go full force. Now some of you may not use the little potty! Thats okay! There isn't only one way to do this. The good news...regular sized pottys are ALWAYS around. Ha ha they can try it anytime if they want. 

3. Now because you've made it their idea and they have shown interest lets get to the part where they get rewards, because we all do things for a reward right? Take them to the store to pick out their favorite underwear(I would buy about 10 pair) and treats to earn each time they go potty and a few prizes they will receive after going to the bathroom x times. If you're not up for making a potty chart pick one up and some stickers at any store. This needs to be a fun experience of them. Alll of my kids loved putting the sticker on right away!

4. So its day one. What do I do first? I go straight to undies, underwear, panties, whatever you will call it and put them on the potty right away. I did this with Hazyl and she pooped within the first 2 minutes. Did I get lucky? Yes! This has never happened before with my other kids. She was so excited, excited to put a sticker on the chart. After she finished up and we taught proper hand washing(also VERY important) I let her play for 20 minutes. I set a timer so I wouldn't lose track of time. I tried to keep her on the tile in the kitchen and didn't let her watch tv hardly at all that day(too distracting) The timer goes off, and whether you think they need to go or not put them on the potty again. They may sit there for 2 to 5 to 10 or 20 minutes. If they get restless let them take a break and try again in another 5 minutes. After they have gone potty, whether it be in the toilet or the undies, set the timer again for another 20 minutes. Keep this up. It can make the day crawl but eventually they will feel that sensation and get excited for the next time. Let them choose a treat. I highly suggest a single treat like a skittle or m&m or a fruit snack. You will quickly learn they go very little a lot of times in one day. On the second day I moved the timer back to every 30 minutes and on the third day we were around every 40 minutes.

5. Using positive affirmations is VERY important. "I'm so proud of you!" "You did great!" "Way to go!" Let them see how excited you are for them. Even the tiniest of victories. Hazy had 2 accidents on her third day of potty training and I kindly explained that its okay and it was an accident. I still told her great job for going! THERE WILL BE ACCIDENTS! I've heard stories and my mom told me I was one of them but very few kids will never have an accident. Don't expect this, its not normal! Plus all you moms can't tell me you've never accidentally peed while laughing hard or jumping on a trampoline! Ha ha! Try your hardest to be patient, this can be a very frustrating thing. They are just learning, just like walking-they fall down from time to time. This is something that is learned!

7. Nap time and Bed time-I always use a pull up for these two times. Its no use getting frustrated and changing sheets a million times. Let them learn one thing at a time and night time training will come. For some quicker than others, some kids still struggle up to ages of 10 or 12, genetics can play a factor. Take this task a little later. Right after nap time and bed time put them on the potty right away, even if their pull up is wet. They will most likely still go!

8. They will catch on. They won't be in diapers until they are 16! You can do this!

To see the video of Hazyl Potty training click here 


  • I just love your family

    Cheryl Adkins
  • Oh my gosh hazy you did such a good job. Mindy you did too! You both did such a good job I love all your little tricks so that they don’t get upset and be chaos!!! My family is chaos too! Can you please stock up on swag? I know you guys just got back from Hawaii but please. I really want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE ALL OF YOU

    Alanna shults
  • always wait until they wake up with a dry diaper…. and don’t give them liquids right before bed… make them potty before bed also when training for boys get cereal that are circle tell them to be through it helps them aim and not pee all over the floor just a few tips I used…..
  • Go Hazy. Learning how to potty train. She gets an A+. She is so cute. I love the name Hazy. I would love to send her and the boys something. But first I have to ask my parents and get your address. Your family is a nice thing for me to watch after a long 3-hour Gymnastics practice. It feels nice to sit down and watch your boys play so nice with Hazy. Especially during the meet season. And if you want to plant something roses grow well here in Nevada so they might grow well in Utah along with daffodils. Love your family.

  • I love your channel and I would like to know your address

    Ella Flickinger

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