Mindy's Best Pot Roast

I love meals I can start and leave them and they cook all by themselves. It is so easy on busy days or on days I don't really feel like cooking. I love these kind of meals for winter and fall because they are just such great warm meals. This meal is great for so many reasons, but my favorite reason is because it is SO good!


2-5lbs roast( any kind)

1 envelope ranch dressing(dried)

1 envelope Italian dressing

1 envelope brown gravy mix

Potatoes and carrots

1 1/2 cup water



1. I always start my roasts off by searing them. Get a pan, on medium-high heat sear the roast on all sides.

2.  Cut carrots and potatoes to your liking and place them in the bottom of crock pot.

3. Place seared roast on top of vegetables and sprinkle ranch mix, Italian dressing and gravy mix on top of roast.

4. Pour water over roast

5. Place lid on and cook on low for 6-10 hours.

6. After roast is done, remove and shred roast.

7. Use a strainer to drain gravy into another bowl from pot and use as a sauce over the roast.

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