Living Room Remodel

Friends!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am about this post. I have been dreaming of the day that this room would be finished and its finally here! I've got all the details for you of where I got everything and what I love most about this room! I was so excited to be partnering with my cute friend Lauren from You guys she can work some serious magic in a room!!! You'll see from what she did here she's a miracle worker.

 First things first. What started this whole spiral was this amazingly beautiful couch! We knew we wanted a big comfy cozy couch that was more modern looking. I was thinking how in the world am I going to find one? Well, we broke into Michelle and Seans houses and took a look at theirs and loved both! We ended up going with Seans style of couch. We ordered our couch from Z Gallerie, they have a store here in Salt Lake so we were able to go in and feel it out and we were so excited. We ended up waiting a month so we could get 25% off on it and boy was that worth it! You can completely customize it with different sizes of sofas and everything. The fabric is also customizable, we went with one that was easy to clean especially with 5 kids. All of the pillows and throws on the couch are from and had suuuper great deals! I was surprised how many pillows I needed,  but the texture and contrast in colors made it look so good!

 Lauren had suggested that I add a few chairs to the room with a little side table and I thought she was crazy because I didn't think I had that much space, I didn't want things to be crowded. I ordered these fun chairs from Wayfair and this cute little table from Anthropologie. ALL of these items I waited for big discounts because I wanted to save as much as I could. We bought everything on Memorial Day weekend and that really helped. I styled the side table with this cute box. As you can see I had plenty of room, it worked out perfectly!

 I really wanted to lighten up that room and Lauren had suggested doing an oversized rug, again I really wondered how this would work because it was soooo big, but guess what else she taught me? More furniture makes your space look bigger! What??? I had no idea! This beautiful rug totally lightened up the space and made it feel waaaay bigger. We did a 12X15 rug in this room.

There were two things I changed in this room that I was very hesitant about, but I did it and I am soooo glad I did. We had always liked to have a big family picture in our main living room to be the main focus of our home. We had tossed around the idea of adding a mirror above the fireplace instead of a picture. I was really hesitant but we did this oversized mirror and I couldn't love it more. It really opened up the space, I was shocked how much I loved it! I styled the mantle with this grapewood branch and geometric piece and this darling plant.

So now that we switched things out above the fireplace Lauren suggested taking down the big bulky shelves and putting square frames from Ikea and making a gallery wall of our family pictures. This is the first thing you see when you walk in tis room so I was okay with it and it turned out beyond perfect. I cried when I saw all this wall come together. Our family is our whole world, and this is the center of our home. Michelle from Dan and Chelle did our pictures while in Hawaii and they couldn't have turned out any better or gone with this room any more perfect.

 I bought several styling items for the buffet that my dad made me from and loved every single thing I bought! Some of my favorites are the bone beads and the books, that we took the jackets off of some old books and laid some horizontal and some vertical. I think it made it look so cute! 

One of the last pieces I bought for this room was the coffee table. I wanted the perfect piece. I saw one I wanted but it was over $2,000 and that just isn't smart with kids. I found this one at Downeast Home and fell in love with it. It was cracked and a little broken so I got a discount and nobody would ever be able to tell besides me. I always try to find a way to save if I can. I styled the coffee table with this wooden chain piece and a Joanna Gaines book because well, she is goals! This cute little bowl and plant is also a darling addition.

I am over the moon excited about this room and it couldn't have come together any more perfect than it did. I really like that we closed off the room a little, it makes it so the kids cartwheel less in the house, lol!!! I've noticed my kids don't play on the furniture like they used to, we had several talks about treating our furniture nicely. So far it has worked. I absolutely love doing remodels in these rooms and cant wait until the next one!


Check out this before picture! What a difference!!!

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