HAZY WILL BE HEARD!! The Story Behind Her Viral Video

There are few things cuter or more precious than a teeny tiny princess toddler. Our little Hazy is THE cutest! She lights up our world and puts a smile on our face without even trying! She is quite literally bursting with joy and energy. Her most recent "cute" behavior is to scream "YEAH" as loud as she can any time we turn on the camera!! She never does this any other time. Not during conversations, not while we talk to her or others around her, but ONLY when the camera is pointig at our face and our mouths are open! Now, some may say this is a behavioral issue that should be addressed. I assure you it is not. It is pure excitement for life at a level that simply can not be contained in her tiny 2 year old body! She's watched the family VLOGS, she's seen the energy that comes out of them and knows that it's "go" time and this is HER time to shine! She wants to make sure we all know she is the star of this show and to give the audience what they really came to see. At first it was funny, hearing her pipe up, trying to be heard in a sea of loud raucous voices in our home. She has three rowdy older brothers after all and if she's' going to get anything in this life she's going to have to fight tooth and nail for it. It transitioned from funny to annoying and difficult to get a word out with the camera rolling. But then it took on a life of it's own. It became her signature move, her trademark. Her "fans" were let down if we made it through an entire VLOG without her signature "YEAH!". It took on a life of its own and we quickly learned to love her energetic interjections. Her zest for life, fearless confidence, and outgoing and unbridled passion just to be alive is what makes being a toddler great! It's enviable. It's endearing. It's laudable and praise worthy. It's how Hazy Binghams. #ThisIsHowWeBingham https://youtu.be/7ylEF_HYhQY


  • I love you guys so much. ALL of you but i am not ashamed to tell you Hazy is the reason I wait up for your blogs everyday. She is most definitely the cutest, most adorable 2 year old girl i have ever met. Love her sweet spirit

  • She is just too darn stinking cute!! Heck, your whole family is adorable. Can’t wait until school is out for Maddy and she is able to partake in your daily family togetherness that you all share with us. Thank you for including all of us in your family.


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