I've been thinking a lot about gratitude lately! As our channel has grown so has our hearts, it is a bit overwhelming to think of our followers and the love and support we feel from each of you! Every. Single. Day. you show up and show us love and positive vibes and we could not be more grateful!

From our YouTube to Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and finally HERE on our blog we see endless comments about our family, kids, recipes, and ultimately our lives. This is just a way to say THANK YOU to all those who are invested and care for us!

We will never be able to put into words how much we love each of you and are so grateful for you being a part of our lives. YOU make the difference for us. YOU make it so we want to show up each and every day. 

The amount of comments we get when our kids are heading in for a swim meet, soccer game, dance recital, or a motocross race, our hearts are full and usually our eyes are wet from the amount of love we feel. The kids can feel your love for them through all of our outlets.

Now some days may not be easy, some days you just want to stay in bed in your jammies but we always rise to the occasion that every day has the potential to be great! It's a choice we get to make. So MAKE today great and choose to be happy!

One thing we always love to say, and boy do we mean it!




  • I also believe happiness is a choice. When my wife was battling cancer, she wrote ‘Happiness is a Choice’ and put it up right by the front door to remind her, me, our kids of that choice. It was such a great, positive thing to help up all to never have a bad day and choose to be happy. It’s been nearly 8 years since my wife lost her battle with cancer but her example of being happy will always remain with us. Love you guys so much!!

    Lance Heaps
  • We love you too !
    Thank you for showing us that there is still good every day, even when it is not easy to find !

    Jessica Papillon
  • Hi Sweet Mindy. You take care of 4 children plus their activities, your hubby, you are the house manager, you’re a precious step mom, you run a merchandise business, and you seem to be the main vlogger most of the time. Girl…it’s a miracle you can do all that day after day. I’ve learned you like to be in control, but sweet Mindy, you really could burnout. You appear to be very caring and loving and while you and the fam always say you love us, (oh, I believe it) please take more ‘Mindy moments.’ They are vital to raising and operating a family unit. Please girl, take good care of yourself, because you are SOoo worth it. ❤ Wishing you the best life.

  • Hi guys I just want to say thank you for everything you have helped me with from when I am happy to sad you make my day every single day and as I am writing this I am not feeling well but you make me feel a lot better thank you for being here for me you always have been here for me thank you
    Maddie-you are such a lovely sister you mean the world to me I am always waiting for the next time you come in to the vlogs you and Hayzel are sister goals I wish I had a sister like you #shawnmendes4life
    Ryler-you are such I nice big brother I can see that your little brothers look up to you and want to be like you good luck for your next swim meet I will watch it
    Knew-you are and amazing driver of those Rc cars can you teach me how to drive it cause I want to be able to drive one good luck for the future the best is yet to come for you
    Brex-you make me laugh when I am sad you make me laugh when I am happy lets just say you always make me laugh you are so cute and sweet if I wanted a little brother I would want it to be you
    Hayzel-you are a princess and the cutest one I have ever seen I love how happy and creative you are always playing pretend I love your imagination you are the cutest

    Thank you all again
    From Alicia and from the rest of Australia

    Alicia(13 from Australia)
  • Greetings from Manchester, UK! It’s great to see all of you on a daily basis and you are all inspirations to all of the YouTube family. I would love to be able to have the chance of coming to Utah to meet the family. Keep up the good work. (Toast) To the future!

    Luke Kane

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