Getting Ready for Family Pics

It's fall here and that meAns one thing! FAMILY PICTURES!! I came up with a few things to help guide you for the dreaded family pictures!

I made the crazy decision to do family pics at the spur of the moment a few weeks ago while Madison was here! What? Why would I do that to myself? Well because I like to do this thing where I put crazy stress on myself. (cue-head thrown back laughing) I hate to do this to myself but I notice that I do this kind of stuff all the time. We were so slammed with a baptism that week, so I thought this was probably the silliest decision I could make. But we went full steam ahead anyway, and guess what? They turned out PERFECT!

Inspiration. I called up Michelle, Brandens sister and said I needed pictures and I needed ideas and inspiration for them. She was just the person to go to because she has recently started photography and she is INCREDIBLE! Like, guys....woah, she is good! I needed ideas of where to take photos and she suggested this beautiful photo she had previously taken. We had already done the Salt Flats recently and two times at the beach and I wanted pictures that showed right where we live, in beautiful Utah. I had no idea what to wear and she suggested this photo of a girl in a mustard flowy dress. She said flowy dresses photograph well. Well then, lets do it! I had just seen a mustard dress too so I had 2 options, buy that dress or search all over Utah county for a mustard dress that was everything I had ever wanted. I learned the hard way a few years back when I searched high and low for the perfect dress only to be sad that you couldn't see it well because there were kids standing in front of me. I decided to take the easy road on this one and go with the one I had seen that day! 


1. I always start with me(selfish, I know ha ha) I think I am the pickiest so I get me figured out first and then start with the kids and B. If you have a crazy picky kid then start with them.

2. Try to use what you have. I had just bought hazy a dress without even thinking of family pictures the week before that went perfectly, WIN! 

3. I like to throw in 2-3 patterns to mix it up a little. One more of a bold pattern(Hazy) and more subtle ones(Ryler and Krew) I was even more bold this last time with doing such a bold color on myself but I love this color!

4. If you are able to go simple you may be able to find everything you need. It may even be an option to borrow an outfit or two from a friend or family member.

5. Don't overdo it. Getting too many patterns and bold colors just don't photograph well. More light and airy pictures are in right now with muted tones. I love to do neutrals so that your outfits aren't taking away the beauty of your family!

6. After(and during) you find all your outfits lay them out and try them on to see how well you like them together. I can't tell you how many times  did this and switched things out because there was too much grey or too much white, etc.

6. Family pictures can be FUN! If you find an amazing photographer like michelle you can have fun with it. She put on some fun music and let the kids dance around. Some of her pics are more candid and thats what I loved! 

Family pictures can also be so frustrating and getting them to smile can be so hard so make sure to take along some treats to encourage kids, and even husbands. lol!! I love the time of year when family picture season hits and I can get ready for my Christmas cards! 

If you live in the area and would like to contact our amazing photographer Michelle Madsen for pictures go here or @MichelleMadsenPhoto






  • i have learned alot from you guys and watching you over 2 years make me so happy watching the happy and the sad moments watching us laugh watching the boys and hazel grow up and i hope i get a shout out

  • I love you

  • We have pictures with Michelle in a few weeks and i couldn’t be more excited after seeing your pictures! Thank you for the tips!

    Kelsey Underwood

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