Boys room update

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years now and it was finally time to re do things and spruce it up a little. I have been meaning to do this for sooooo long but it was just never something that was on the forefront of my mind. I wanted it to be something I had put thought into and could buy the few things that the kids needed. So I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and came up with several ideas.

It was finally time. I had a vision that I wanted in the little boys room and a theme so I just had to go for it. We had to get the room painted first thing. We have an incredible painter and she did a fantastic job! 

I had decided I wanted to do a nautical theme and pull blues, grays and white. We needed a few furniture pieces. The first thing we needed to do was make their beds into bunk beds again. Thankfully they stack and that was an easy fix! The next thing we needed were new dressers so we got these at IKEA! We bought them when they went on sale and saved us $100 on each dresser. Watch for the sale, they go on quite often! Another idea I had was a little reading nook, I got these cute beanbag chairs from Walmart and they have worked out awesome. They have these sitting next to a little rolling cart that I loaded up with books to be able to sit and read. I always try to encourage reading for my kids! I added a cute rug to give some variety to the room. I initially had a lot of questions as to why we put a rug over carpet. This is a thing that we do here in the states. It is meant to keep the carpet nice under there and provides some accent to the room. I couldn't find my exact one online but this one is similar.

The most exciting part of their room for me was the bedding. For them to be able to make their beds easily was something I was so excited for. I got their bedding from They have sooo many different colors and varieties in all bed sizes. The boys both chose the Nautical Navy for their beds and they have made all the difference. Especially for bunk beds. The top bed is THE hardest to make. Am I right??? They have this incredibly soft kinky material on the inside. My kids have been just as happy as I have been with them! We will soon have them in every room! For a discount you’re welcome to use code “TIHWB20” for 20% off your order!! 

For their hats(my boys all looooove hats-I used command strips because it won’t ruin the paint and it will get the job done! I placed these inside their closet doors to avoid the messiness of looking at hanging hats! 

For all of their cute decor I went to Hobby Lobby! I wait for things to go on sale. One rule for that store-NEVER buy things full price. Wait for a sale. They  often go 50% off and if not you can use a coupon on their app for 40% off one item(take your kids😂, they can use coupons!) 

Now one thing I need to get over with this won't always be clean. In fact it will most of the time be dirty, but we will try our best and get the kids to be responsible for their own space and personal items. They are such sweet kiddos and were so excited when I did their room! We have loved the updated space.

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